Comcast surpassed record high-speed internet customer additions, faring better than expected after reporting its third-quarter earnings.

Despite the positive report, with premarket stocks up 4% and NBCUniversal’s Peacock outperforming every internal engagement metric, our article analysis records no positive or negative sentiment to CNBC’s article. This could have to do with positive news on the high-speed internet, US and European cable networks, and broadcast divisions that were balanced out by an 81% revenue fall in the theme park division. A division that was a casualty of Covid restrictions in both the US and Japan. Theatrical revenue was also a drag on quarterly reporting, falling 25% with a slight offset due to increased licensing and home entertainment revenue. 

There is strong security and risk language throughout the piece on Comcast’s earnings despite an overall low risk score. Big gains in certain divisions of Comcast being counteracted with losses in others being the most likely culprit.

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