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UAE Banks Federation’s Green Finance Commitment – Global Sustainability Push

The UAE Banks Federation (UBF) has recently reaffirmed its commitment towards the country's strategy of reducing emissions and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. This move aligns with [...]

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Innovating Finance – Preview of 16th Annual FinanceMalta Conference

FinanceMalta, the public-private initiative that promotes Malta as an International Financial Centre, is preparing for its 16th Annual Conference. Scheduled for September 13, the conference carries the [...]

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Sustainable Finance Thrives – GSS+ Surpasses $4.2T in H1 2023

In a remarkable stride towards a sustainable future, Green, Social, Sustainability, Sustainability-Linked, and Transition (GSS+) finance volumes exceeded $4.2 trillion in the first half (H1) of 2023. [...]

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The Critical Role of Nature in Global Financial Decision-Making

The 'Nature in Green Finance' report, recently released by CDP, offers a comprehensive analysis of disclosures from over 550 major financial institutions worldwide. The institutions included in [...]

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Economists and Finance Leaders Unite for International Climate Finance Reform at COP28 Meeting

A landmark two-day meeting was recently held under the aegis of COP28 Presidency, uniting leading economists and finance leaders from across the globe to establish a fresh [...]

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Digital Yuan Fuels Green Financing – A Look at China’s Sustainable Approach to Digital Currency Use

Chinese companies are demonstrating a growing trend towards the utilization of the digital yuan, China's Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), to fund environmentally-friendly projects. A notable example [...]

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Navigating the Green Finance Landscape – Understanding the ‘Shades of Green’ in Energy Transition

Green finance, which encompasses funding for eco-friendly and sustainable projects such as clean energy and new technologies, is rapidly gaining traction in the global market. This burgeoning [...]

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Bridging the Gap – Addressing the Disparity in Climate Financing for Agrifood Systems

Climate finance is a crucial element in the fight against climate change, and yet, the agrifood systems that account for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas [...]

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Abu Dhabi Fund Enhances Tanzanian Energy Security and Development

The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) recently bolstered Tanzania's energy security efforts by signing a $30 million loan agreement with the country's government. This vital initiative [...]

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Navigating the Transition to Green Finance in the Hospitality Sector

The hospitality sector is currently in a phase of transformation, driven by the necessity to adapt to significant technological and regulatory changes. Among these changes is the [...]

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