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Learn how are our subscription products can empower your monitoring, predicting, insight and analysis opportunities.

Research Center Insight Pack Analyst Pack Social Pack
Powerful Media Search Engine
Automated Machine Learning Based Analysis
Searchable Database of Relevant News
Automatic Article Summaries
Intelligent Monitoring and Alerts
Advanced Metrics Scoring and Time Series Analysis
Trend Identification with Horizon Tracking
Advanced Analyst Tools and Article Annotation
Ad Hoc Research and Exploration
Direct Social Platform Research Integration

Comprehensive topic tracking and news aggregation.

  • Powerful News Search Engine Tuned to Your Topics

  • Organize and Find Articles By Date, Topic and Source

  • Article Summaries

  • Multiple Content Integration Options (Embed, Post to LinkedIn, Custom)

  • Beyond Traditional News Aggregation

  • No Article Expiration

Use Cases:

  • Content Authoring and Serving

  • Topic or Entity Monitoring

  • Research and Situational Awareness

Research Center

Research Center

Live Dashboard Examples

Sophisticated analysis and dashboard-based reporting on a tuned customer topic.

  • Comprehensive News Search Engine + Powerful Text Analysis

  • Article Metrics Including Sentiment, Risk, Prediction, Temporal and Geopolitical Scope

  • One of a Kind Perception Mapping

  • Time Series and Trend Analysis in Intuitive, Interactive Dashboards

  • Compare Measures, Trends and Entities across Geographies, Political Outlooks and Media Types

  • Research Center

  • Customized Alerts

Use Cases:

  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring

  • Brand Protection

  • Market and Policy Research

  • Investment Strategy Input

  • Expert Opinion and Analysis

  • Strategy Formulation

  • Business Development

Insight Pack

FinCrime Dashboard - Science4Data

Live Dashboard Examples

Advanced tool set for sophisticated analysts and independent researchers.

  • Keyword Tracking

  • Direct Platform Integration (where Available)

  • Interactive Timeline

  • Sentiment and Theme Analysis

Use Cases:

  • Situational Awareness and Strategy

  • Brand Protection

  • Geopolitical Analysis

  • Market Insight

Analyst Pack

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Targeted, timeline based social monitoring with deep insight

  • Everything from Insight Pack

  • Ad Hoc Query Configuration and Tuning for Exploration

  • Collaborative Analyst Toolbox

  • Blend in External Data

  • Flexible Integration with Customer Data Platforms

Use Cases:

  • Forecasting

  • Collaborative Team Analysis

  • Broad Cross Topic/Industry Interest

  • Investment Strategy Input

  • Expert Opinion and Analysis

Social Pack

Social Pack Dashboard

Live Dashboard Examples

Predictive Temporal Plot

A Science4Data Task Force includes:

  • Our powerful Search Engine, Data Analysis and Visualization Platform

  • Expert Business and Data Analysts

  • Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Expertise

  • Full Stack Developers

  • Experienced Project and Delivery Management

From Our Customers:

“Our Ukraine Risk Analysis Team loves the dashboard!”

“I wanted to once again thank you for your fantastic contribution to that project.”

“We appreciate the prompt and excellent service.”

Data and Analysis Task Force

Start realizing  ROI right away with a Science4Data Task Force. We have the right team for rapid data collection, analysis and insights. Our innovative search engine and expertise find the answers you need in days, not weeks.

Extend your capabilities or keep your core resources focused. Take advantage of our team’s technology know-how and the delivery experience.

Sample Task Force Calendar

Our engagements may be completed in as little as a week and are well matched with:

  • Researching and analyzing news and social media for a specific outcome or understanding

  • Assessing market specific risks and opportunities

  • Performing in-depth sentiment and risk studies on article and other unstructured data

  • Creating machine learning models to optimize existing business functions

  • Evaluating topic specific media biases and regional influence

  • Automating data pipelines, transformations and processes

  • Application Proof-of-Concept and Prototyping