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01  —  Narration360


Own Your Market’s Narrative


Here’s the genius behind Narration360: At its core, our solution dives deep into your brand’s voice, coupling it with a rigorous data-driven analysis of both your competitors and prevailing industry media trends. Our sophisticated NLP algorithms then process this vast sea of information, presenting you with actionable insights to create content that’s not just on-brand, but also ahead of the game.

Dive into the essence of your brand with content that’s unmistakably you. Starting tomorrow, effortlessly deliver 2 daily blogs, spark conversations with daily social posts across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, release impactful monthly newsletters, and showcase 2 brand-authentic videos each month.

Leverage the intelligence that sets your business apart. With a keen focus on the industry and competitors, Narration360 crafts content that not only resonates with your brand’s unique tone of voice but also capitalizes on the latest media trends. This synthesis, powered by advanced AI, ensures your messages strike the right chord, every time.

Elevate your digital identity with precision. Our AI technologies, underpinned by intricate NLP algorithms, offer a unique blend of competitive analysis and trend-spotting, enabling your business to soar with a narrative that’s authentically yours.

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02  —  MediaSignal

MediaSignal Dashboard

Proactive Media Monitoring


Predict the next hot story and get ahead of trends. Understand content that matters.

Qualify your coverage. And several other takes on coverage that you’re guaranteed to have never seen. Break out the SoV metric by whatever categories of coverage you’d like.

Explore more precise, both article-level and entity-level sentiment.

The first market intelligence platform based on Natural Language Processing and built by data wizards for PR professionals.

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Comprehensive Intelligence / Coverage

Automated Process / Business Analyst users

Clear Signal

Sophisticated & Actionable Insights

03  —  LaserShow

Our powerful AI engine scours the internet and social media to find powerful content to autogenerate videos on brand and topic.

Ongoing, automated, original video content. Learn how LaserShow can supercharge your content marketing and communications at low cost and minimum overhead.

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Streamline Video Creation

Typical Ofrenda
Regional Food


Our powerful AI engine scours the internet and social media to find powerful content to autogenerate videos on brand and topic!

04  —  ESG-Signal

MediaSignal Dashboard

ESG Impact Scoring


Visualize and understand Environmental, Social, and Governance language in Media Content and its Impact on your business.

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