Proactive Media Monitoring

Get ahead of news trends, predict the next story, introduce intelligence

Introducing ESG-Signal

Visualize and understand your Environmental, Social, and Governance scoring — from both a language density standpoint and an impact standpoint.


The first market intelligence platform based on Natural Language Processing and built by data wizards for PR professionals

Built on the Industry’s Newest Media Analytics Platform


Curated, tuned, intelligent crawlers collecting semantic information from 10,000’s of media sites


Articles are analyzed by advanced NLP and ML engine to derive insight at scale


Best-in-class visualization and integration delivers analysis wherever it’s needed

Providing Unique Insights into Media

The Power of News

News and social media provide unique, timely, “feet on the ground” perspective on important developing topics and issues. Effectively monitoring and leveraging the signal in news media is a competitive advantage for leading decision makers.

Science4Data Identifies the Noise

  • Newswire distribution

  • Faux market reports

  • Coupons, Ads

  • Job postings

  • Syndications

  • Stock data

  • Sponsored content

  • Competitor blogs

  • Other noise…

Customers are Thrilled

   This is the cleanest, easiest interface I’ve seen!

 This practically tells me what my next pitch should be!

   It’s so easy to filter out press releases!

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