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News Analysis and Monitoring: Discover the story that matters to you.

Our powerful Search Engine combines news and social monitoring with insightful analysis for organizations requiring timely, proactive thought leadership for their network and industry at scale.

How it works

Data Collection

Our AI-driven solution provides real-time monitoring of semantic information from media sources across the web.

Machine Learning

Articles are analyzed across dozens of metrics and algorithms leveraging advanced NLP and ML to derive insight at scale.


Best-in-class data visualization and integration seamlessly delivers analysis wherever its needed.

The Power of News

News and social media provide unique, “feet on the ground” perspective on important developing topics and issues. News is timely, cost effective and provides a variety of perspective. Effectively monitoring and leveraging the signal in news media is a competitive advantage for leading decision makers.

Science4Data handles the challenges

  • Editorial/algorithm agenda
  • Disparate channels
  • Unstructured Data
  • Lack of metrics, aggregation
  • Processing Time
  • Overwelming volume of data

Risk Assessment

The 24 hour news cycle produces more content than any one analyst can synthesize. Leverage and customize our NLP based risk assessment to measure topic trends and monitor only those article most important to your organization.

Media Sentiment

Well beyond typical sentiment scoring, Science4data incorporates and weighs GeoPolitical language into our sentiment scoring. Compare sentiment trends across regions, headlines vs body copy and media perspectives to uncover the “story within the story”.

Our Customers Agree

“Science4Data is an excellent partner and provides the Eurasia Group with technical capabilities and resources to deliver deep insights to our customers. As Chief Innovation Officer for egX, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions that drive analysis breadth, depth, and efficiency, Science4Data checks all those boxes. Recently Science4Data delivered very valuable data and insights into a key foreign market. They quickly identified, captured, and synthesized local media streams (both English and native language) into actionable intelligence that we easily integrated into our broader analysis. I am very impressed with both their getrisk.info solution and risk analysis methodology approach. I look forward to our ongoing partnership with Science4Data. ”

Tsveta Petrova
Chief Innovation Officer egX

“In our business, we collect a significant amount of data on our prospects and their businesses. Science4Data was able to quickly help us take control of our data as a strategic asset and then started to provide keen insights enabling us to find the right prospects for our clients. We have transformed from a scatter approach to a tuned insight approach helping us focus on the prospects that really matter.”

Eli Goodrich
CEO, Gamechanger Sales