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The Science4Data Climate Corner

From our inception, Science4Data has favored analyses of political and socioeconomic topics related to clean energy, sustainability and climate issues. This manifested in building an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) index for media analysis and developing dashboards on topics related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  More recently, we find ourselves having many customers and partners focused on sustainability and climate issues. Science4Data leadership and employees are all very motivated by sustainability at a personal level. With this in mind, we have decided that Science4Data will focus its effort to promote topics related to the 17 specific goals in the UN-SDG charter.

Sustainability for our Future

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Science4Data will continue to put its focus on working with companies that are attempting to solve climate-related issues and provide them favorable terms. Sustainable economic development is to become an explicit goal of our services in the market, and an important part of our ethos as a company.

Analysis: Climate Coverage of the Big Banks

Science4Data is committed to analyzing different Market Segments with respect to company commitments and more importantly are they walking the talk.  The images below show a number of big banks and their analysis related to new & social analysis regarding climate change.

MediaSignal Banks

Publications and Authors recently publishing articles on key market players.  Filtered by the topic “climate change”

HSCB cadence and sentiment across news and social channels.

Wells Fargo cadence and sentiment across news and social channels.

Analysis: The Evolving Language of Climate

Science4Data analyzed the density of key climate terms in the headlines of top US news sources over the last five years. Click on the Get a Dashboard button below to request a bespoke interactive dashboard.

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