The Evolution of Eco-Friendly Practices in the Shipping Industry

Maersk, a global leader in the shipping industry, is venturing into uncharted waters with its first ships powered by green methanol, a move designed to significantly reduce [...]

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Occidental Petroleum’s Billion-Dollar Quest for Carbon Capture

Occidental Petroleum Corp., a Texas-based oil company, is taking a significant leap in the fight against climate change by constructing a billion-dollar complex named Stratos. This endeavor [...]

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Green NCAP’s Award for Vehicle Environmental Sustainability Champions

Green NCAP, the renowned vehicle assessment organization, has recently announced the recipients of its newly introduced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) award. The esteemed award has been bestowed [...]

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Atom Bank’s Sustainability Move – Partnering for Climate Risk

Finextra, a leading provider of information on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, Impact Investing, and Sustainable Finance initiatives, is playing a pivotal role in supporting businesses [...]

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Heat Pumps – Cost-Efficient & Eco-Friendly Home Heating Revolution

Heat pumps are rapidly becoming a favored choice in the heating and air industry, largely due to their cost efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This growth has [...]

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UAE Banks Federation’s Green Finance Commitment – Global Sustainability Push

The UAE Banks Federation (UBF) has recently reaffirmed its commitment towards the country's strategy of reducing emissions and achieving climate neutrality by 2050. This move aligns with [...]

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Lord Callanan Inaugurates Chameleon Tech’s Green Office in North Yorkshire’s Energy Hub

North Yorkshire business, Chameleon Technology, recently celebrated the inauguration of its new offices by Lord Callanan, the Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance at the Department [...]

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EDHEC-Risk Institute’s Call for Improved Sustainability Disclosure Practices

The EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute has recently praised the retention of the double materiality principle in the European Single Electronic Reporting Standard (ESRS) under the Corporate Sustainability [...]

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HDBank Wins 2023 Asian Banking & Finance Award for Sustainability – Advancing Green Finance in Vietnam

HDBank, a leading financial institution in Vietnam, has achieved a significant milestone by winning the 2023 Asian Banking & Finance Award in the “Sustainability Initiative of the [...]

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Mufin Green Finance and Shell Foundation’s Sustainable Partnership

Mufin Green Finance, a BSE-listed NBFC company established in 2016, has raised an impressive INR 80,000,000 from the Shell Foundation. This funding is set to establish a [...]

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