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Climate Media Signal

Science4Data has partnered with Climate & Capital Media to create Climate Media Signal.  Through this partnership, the “Language of Climate” will be analyzed and organizations will be measured on their climate commitments directly and through the eyes of the news and social media channels.  Science4Data’s latest ESG Impact measures will provide the ability to ensure organizations practice what they preach and do not simply greenwash the topic of climate change.

ESG Benchmarking and Comparison

The dashboard below measures the Environmental, Social and Governance language in news articles for two top oil companies BP and Exxon Mobil. Language values are combined with sentiment, risk and magnitude dimensions of the article to determine the Media ESG Impact for the company. Comparing ESG Impact between competitors provides insight into the success of company initiatives and challenges companies face managing ESG perception, an increasingly important measure of company value.


Evolution of Climate Language

The dashboard below shows the density of key climate terms over the last five years in over 2,500 articles.  As the topic of climate change evolves, the language and communication points continue to reflect changes to how we communicate and perceive the climate initiative.

evolution of climate language in media

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