Science4Data Coverage of the Democratic Primary and Run Up to the 2020 Presidential Election

October 17, 2019

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Update: Media Fallout from Debate 4

On October 15th the top 12 Democratic Presidential hopefuls gathered in Ohio for the 4th debate leading up to primaries. This debate represented a watershed moment both in of itself and as a marker for several external narratives. Pivoting media analysis on the debate reveals and reinforces key insights:

  • The numbers underscore Elizabeth Warren’s rise – The Senator has cemented her role as the front runner for this next phase of the race – She is the story lead, referenced significantly in articles featuring her and in her opponents articles
  • Joe Biden’s polling is still the envy of everyone in the race not named Elizabeth Warren however his star is fading as a result – entanglement in the impeachment morass is certainly hurting him – the former Vice President did not find his turnaround moment at Tuesday’s debate
  • Is Bernie’s campaign recovering along with his health. Let’s hope significant feature coverage and positive media sentiment is also great medicine. 
  • Room for more? Traditionally we’ve rounded out the top 5 candidates with Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg based on nationwide polling data. That is probably changing. We believe their failure to move the needle paves opens the door for more candidates to contend. This isn’t a three candidate race quite yet.

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