New Live Dashboard: 2020 Democratic Primaries

August 26, 2019

Live Coverage

Science4Data has published a new media dashboard! Based on popular demand, we are digging further into the upcoming presidential primaries. Its a crowded field with a lot on the line. We are tracking news related top candidates for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination.  This dashboard provides a small example of the GetRisk Info analysis on this topic with live, interactive insights.

Science4Data provides these one-of-a-kind perspectives and insight through:

  • Scouring and curating articles from the most germane sites and channels
  • State-of-the-art natural language process and machine learning based analysis of every article across dozens of metrics and interests
  • Automated dimension and aggregation of article analysis
  • Intelligent, intuitive data visualization and exploration
See The Live Dashboard Here

About Science4Data

Science4Data pairs human-driven risk analysis with machine-driven news and market monitoring. Our team continues to lead a changing industry of geopolitical risk tracking by crafting the tools necessary for ingesting, parsing, categorizing and identifying the events, entities, and projected effects of what’s happening this month, this week, and right now.

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