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Animation has always been a time-consuming and expensive process. It requires a team of skilled artists and animators to bring characters and objects to life. But with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), animation has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. Krikey AI is a company that is leading the way in AI-powered animation, enabling users to create custom 3D animations in minutes.

Krikey AI has developed an AI Text to Animation tool that allows users to generate avatar animations from a text phrase in just minutes. The tool is mobile-optimized and immediately usable in augmented reality (AR), empowering creators and democratizing content creation. With Krikey AI, anyone can animate a 3D character with just a few words in a text box.

The animations generated by Krikey AI are of high quality and are customizable. Users can change the camera angle, add or remove shadows, and backgrounds, and even change the animation speed. The AI Animation tool also allows users to customize their 3D avatars and then generate an AI animation for that avatar.

The Krikey AI Animation tool is now available at More Avatar customization features will be launched this quarter. With this tool, users can explore and try a set of basic motion prompts, including variations on a walk, run, jump, wave, climb, and more. The website has a prompt guide to help users enter and experiment in the world of AI Animation. More complex prompts like moonwalking, zombie march and tai chi also lead to engaging results.

Krikey AI’s AI-to-AR pipeline is revolutionary in the animation industry, as it empowers creators and developers to create content more efficiently and affordably. The generative AI animations have applications in numerous industries, including film, gaming, metaverse avatars, social media, and cloud computing. Krikey AI is changing the face of the creator economy by enabling anyone to create high-quality 3D animations without the need for specialized skills or a large budget.

The role of artists and animators in the production pipeline is still essential, as AI can never imbue a character with emotion. However, Krikey AI is changing the industry by making animation more accessible, affordable, and democratized.

Stability AI, an AI tools company, has partnered with Krikey AI to support the development of the AI Animation tool. Stability AI’s CEO, Emad Mostaque, said, “We are excited to support the Krikey AI team and work together to empower the next generation of AI creators and developers.”

In conclusion, Krikey AI is revolutionizing the animation industry with its AI-powered Animation tool. By democratizing content creation and empowering creators, Krikey AI is changing the face of the creator economy. With its high-quality animations and customization options, Krikey AI is enabling anyone to create 3D animations quickly and affordably.