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We have extended our Insight Engine to include Deep Learning Big Data Search.  The powerful combination bridges the gap between Structured and Unstructured data.  By combining the best of Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning and User Training on the fly, powerful Vertical Knowledge sets are created providing repeatable insights.  As simple as using Google search… As powerful as SQL but works on Unstructured data!

Deep Learning Insight Engine

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Our “Deep Insight Engine” is designed for scalability and expansion as your need and expertise grow. In addition to being a complete solution, the “Deep Insight Engine” is based on the latest BigData Open Source solutions and provides the ability to easily extend, expand and grow.



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Science 4 Data

Science 4 Data

Data Science is a very confusing term, it ranges from people who use Excel to doing statistical regression analysis to doing sophisticated pattern recognition and ultimately machine learning. It gets confused with business intelligence, or graphing, or visualization. It is the latest tech marketing buzz word that tries to package up a set of
tools or skills or activities into a group that can be sold. Most of what you are likely to find are people who do some nice

Most of what you are likely to find are people who do some nice graphics, maybe allowing for interactive drill down. This is more business intelligence than data science. Sometimes you might find people doing some statistics and they call it data science instead.

What you will rarely find, and this is what separates the real from the rest, are people applying scientific computing against large data samples to find patterns and insights that cannot be arrived at any other way. This is what “data scientist” do.  So “data science” is a mix of scientific computation on large datasets using mathematics and algorithms that find insights that are not possible to do through any human process.

This is where the greatest value is created, it is how DNA sequencing was achieved, it is how Amazon does recommendation or Google gets to search results.

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