AI and understanding semantics, next stage in evolution of NLP is close

AI developing an understanding of semantics is the next step in its evolution, but when are we likely to reach this milestone?

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Facebook Regulation Coverage –

Facebook Regulation Coverage
July 31, 2019
Live Coverage

Check out Science4Data's new media dashboard. We are tracking news related to government investigation and potential regulation surrounding Facebook. Our dashboard provides a small example of the GetRisk Info analysis on this topic with live, interactive insights.

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Why AWS is building tiny AI race cars to teach machine learning –

The AWS DeepRacer is an almost toylike 1/18th scale race car. It comes with all of the sensors and software tools to help developers build machine learning models to drive the car around a course — or really do anything else they want it to do. The $399 DeepRacer launched at AWS’s massive re:Invent show […]

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