Facebook Regulation Coverage

July 31, 2019

Live Coverage

Check out Science4Data’s new media dashboard. We are tracking news related to government investigation and potential regulation surrounding Facebook. Our dashboard provides a small example of the GetRisk Info analysis on this topic with live, interactive insights.

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There’s no question, big technology plays an enormous role in society today. These behemoth platforms provide both a foundation and a barrier for new enterprises.

  • Are their practices anti-competitive?

  • Are they doing enough to safeguard the privacy of their users?

  • Must they be our stewards of truth and fairness?

  • What role will US and foreign governments step into to ensure these questions are answered to the standard of our times?

Supporting the most significant social media platforms, facing fines at home, censure across the globe, and a murky mandate for the future, Facebook stands at the forefront of the big tech regulation conversation.

  • Will Facebook business operations and stakeholder value be significantly changed as a result of regulatory action across their markets?

  • What will those implications mean for the wider technology industry?

Clues to these answers lie dormant in the news and conversation surrounding the debate. Join Science4Data as we analyze the spectrum of news coverage around Facebook Regulation Threats, finding the insights important to leaders, influencers, investors and policy makers.

Review our Facebook dashboard today and contact us any time to learn how Science4Data can accelerate media analysis for the issues most important to your business.

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