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In this day and age we’re all aware of the existence of sponsored content, and the fact that this sort of pay-to-play content should be read with a grain of salt. 

In this martech piece, CallRail, a call/form tracking and lead center company, has summarized the most valuable findings from their 2021 Outlook Report on digital marketing agencies. The conclusion: digital agencies took a hit with the pandemic, but they are strong. This is clear from our article analysis where high level headline and content sentiment is extremely positive. Positive mentions of CallRail and it’s 2021 report are also dominant on our entity word cloud. Including positive mention of two digital marketing agencies featured in the article: Avalaunch Media and The Barbauld Agency.

It begs to question, what is CallRail promoting? A straightforward reading of our analysis makes it clear it’s promoting itself, but doing so by boosting digital marketing agencies is an interesting tact. A closer inspection of their business reveals quite a bit though. They have a strong incentive to boost themselves and digital marketing agencies. Especially the ones that are their partners, and appear in a directory on their website. And to no surprise Avalaunch Media is amongst those agencies.

This is not to say the article’s findings for 2021 are without merit, but it shows their intent. In addition, it’s proof that the content is doing its job – positively boosting the sponsor’s business and that of it’s partners.

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Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash