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The rise of ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot has been remarkable, both astonishing and concerning to many. Microsoft recently experimented with a new ChatGPT-powered Bing search engine before quickly recognizing the flaws and fixing them. This has not deterred social media giants such as Twitter and Facebook from taking a greater interest in AI.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has had a lot to say about training AI to be woke, with some of his comments receiving heavy criticism. Mark Zuckerberg has responded on the other hand, with a new group at Meta dedicated to ‘generative AI’ for their products. Musk’s differing opinions on artificial intelligence have even pushed him cut ties with OpenAI, due to disagreements with leadership over the entity’s nonprofit status.

In recent news, Twitter is now being operated by Musk himself, who is looking to create a chatbot with fewer speech restrictions to integrate into the platform. Meanwhile, Snapchat is rolling out its own chatbot powered by ChatGPT, available to subscribers of Snapchat Plus’ $3.99 a month service.

ChatGPT’s AI has grown rapidly in the past few years, paving the way to a future filled with both advantages and risks. With big names such as Musk and Zuckerberg taking part in its development, it will be interesting to see how this technology develops in the years to come.