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The $2 trillion infrastructure plan that he unveiled on Wednesday is aimed at tackling climate change in part by spending up to $174 billion to encourage Americans to switch to cars and trucks that run on electricity, not gasoline or diesel.

We find ourselves at a unique moment here where most American businesses and many states are looking toward a decarbonized future, but recognize there's a big lift on the infrastructure side," said Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, an environmental research group.

Despite rapid growth in recent years, electric vehicles remain a niche product, making up just 2 percent of the new car market and 1 percent of all cars, sport-utility vehicles, vans and pickup trucks on the road.

Lindsay D'Addato for The New York Times"This transformation is greater than any one policy, branch or level of government, or industry sector," a group representing manufacturers, suppliers and automotive workers said in a letter to Mr. Biden on Monday.

The authors of the letter, which included industry groups and the United Auto Workers union, called for investment in job training programs and federal help in promoting development of minerals and other raw materials in the United States.

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