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Content marketing was once dominated by blogs, then with the surging power of platforms like instagram, photos became more potent marketing tools than text. Now video marketing has taken over the content strategy for many brands. It’s effectiveness in creating brand authenticity and sales has led to a boom in video on marketing channels. According to a recent study, 96% of consumers are said to have increased their video intake in the past year.

In our article analysis of a recent Entrepreneur article on marketing with video, we found that the mere mention of video marketing has a positive media sentiment. As the headline to the article has a strong positive score. However, when it comes to the actual ‘how to’ of video marketing, that media sentiment swings towards a neutral score. This could be due to the vague nature of article’s like this one. While the benefits of using video in one’s marketing strategy are clear, focus on the specifics of how to create content are slim. Mention of channels like youtube and google that allow for measurement of a video’s success are positive entities in our entity word cloud, along with mention of key KPIs. Demonstrating that clearly defined and identified steps are of utmost importance in this valuable tactic. 

Video has taken hold as a serious tool in a marketer’s toolbox, but lack of definition of the best steps to jumpstart a video marketing strategy can make it difficult to take full advantage of its benefits. The slump from the headline’s media sentiment to article’s content highlights a gap in knowledge for marketers looking to engage consumers with video. What’s the largest missing piece? How to create this content. It’s seen as a daunting task, and one that can be perceived as very expensive if you’re looking to create sleek visuals. 

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Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash