AI and understanding semantics, next stage in evolution of NLP is close

AI developing an understanding of semantics is the next step in its evolution, but when are we likely to reach this milestone?

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AI Challenges And Why Legal Is A Great Place To Kick-Start Great NLP

AI makes information easier to find for attorneys and their opponents. That levels the playing field. It fundamentally changes the way work is done in the legal profession, where knowledge is a commodity.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Natural Language Processing

Improved cognition and interaction with humans due to enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities will define the future of AI, leading to smarter applications, from improved spam filters to robots that can converse like humans.

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What do linguists make of AI and natural language processing?

What do linguists make of AI and natural language processing (NLP)? Do they see a bright future for their careers with AI, or worry about being replaced by it entirely?

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