Advancing AI for All – The Launch of the AI Alliance

Meta and IBM have joined forces to launch the AI Alliance, a new initiative advocating for an "open-science" approach to the development of artificial intelligence (AI). In [...]

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Power of Deep Learning – Google’s “GNoME” Revolutionizes Material Science

Google's DeepMind has developed a groundbreaking tool called GNoME that utilizes deep learning to expedite the process of uncovering new materials. This innovative technology has the potential [...]

The state of AI in 2019: Breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, games, and knowledge graphs

A tour de force on progress in AI, by some of the world's leading experts and venture capitalists.

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J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. (NASDAQ:JBHT) – Machine Learning, AI Hit Center Stage As Companies Showcase Freight Tech

Machine learning and artificial intelligence took the spotlight as 10 companies showcased the latest in technology that is disrupting the transportation and logistics worl

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NVIDIA BrandVoice: A New, Faster Approach To Data Science And Machine Learning

Data science is key to a successful transformation into an AI-powered enterprise. GPU-accelerated data science enables a faster method to improve the efficiency of data science initiatives. Learn how RAPIDS, a new data science platform for enterprise, enables an accelerated data science pipeline.

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Management AI: Anomaly Detection And Machine Learning

The machine learning systems coming to market now are beginning to provide simpler interfaces that allow people other than data scientists to work with anomalies, fine tune to minimize false positives and false negatives, and otherwise manage their businesses with improved accuracy.

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Three ‘Next Practices’ That Leverage AI And Machine Learning

These practices have the potential to address limitations in managing your current setup while transforming your process in a way that allows you to both meet service-level targets today and create scalability for tomorrow.

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Apple says artificial intelligence and machine learning ‘critical area’ as it promotes AI chief

Apple officially names John Giannandrea its head of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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AI and Machine Learning as part of doing business | FinTech | Enterprise Innovation

“AI or machine learning is already embedded a lot of the products [technology] that banks and financial institutions would use. So when they are talking about business analytics, some of that is driven by AI,” said Leonie Valentine, managing director for Google Hong Kong.

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