Revolutionizing E-Commerce – Amazon Utilizes AI to Enhance Operations and Customer Experience During Peak Shopping Times

Amazon has revolutionized its operations by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) at every stage, thereby significantly improving customer experience during peak shopping times like Cyber Monday. This integration [...]

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Fascinating World of AI Influencers – An Insight into Aitana, the First Spanish AI Model

In the world of technology and artificial intelligence, new avenues of innovation are constantly emerging. The latest in this line of evolution is Aitana, the first Spanish [...]

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Best machine learning tools and frameworks to harness AI | Gallery | Computerworld UK

These are some of the top machine learning tools available for developers embedding the advanced features into apps.

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Can machine learning and AI help Facebook better moderate troubling content?

On this week's MashTalk, the tech team chats the Facebook Files, DJI's new tiny Spark drone, and Microsoft's new USB-C-less Surface Pro.

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