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Mastercard has recently introduced a new service called Shopping Muse, which aims to revolutionize the way consumers search for and discover products in a retailer’s digital catalog. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this personalized recommendation service is set to save time for consumers, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales for retailers.

Shopping Muse is made possible through Mastercard’s acquisition of Dynamic Yield, a personalization platform that was previously owned by McDonald’s. This platform forms the backbone of the service, utilizing AI algorithms to provide tailored recommendations based on a consumer’s profile and intent.

The service takes into account various factors, including past purchases, page views, and customer affinity. By analyzing these data points, Shopping Muse generates personalized product suggestions that are most likely to resonate with the consumer. This ensures that the recommendations are relevant and valuable to the individual user.

One of the key benefits of Shopping Muse is its ability to save time for consumers. With such a vast array of products available in a retailer’s digital catalog, finding the right item can often be a time-consuming process. However, with the help of AI, Shopping Muse streamlines the search and discovery process, presenting users with relevant options right at their fingertips.

In addition to saving time, the service also aims to increase customer satisfaction. By providing personalized recommendations, Shopping Muse helps users discover products that align with their preferences and needs. This not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also increases the likelihood of users finding products they genuinely love.

For retailers, Shopping Muse offers a powerful tool to drive sales. By leveraging AI algorithms and personalization techniques, the service can significantly improve product discoverability and increase the chances of conversion. Moreover, the tailored recommendations provided by Shopping Muse can also help retailers showcase their full range of products and attract a wider customer base.

Overall, Shopping Muse represents a significant step forward in the field of e-commerce personalization. By utilizing AI and data-driven insights, this service aims to transform the way consumers search and find products in a retailer’s digital catalog. With the goal of saving time, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving sales, Shopping Muse is set to reshape the future of online shopping.

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