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Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has revolutionized the world of packaging with their sustainable product, Hug&Hold. This innovative alternative to conventional plastic shrink wrap for PET bottle bundle packs is designed with a kraft paper sleeve and a corrugated carrying handle. This groundbreaking solution not only replaces non-biodegradable plastic, but it also ensures the secure transport of goods, meeting user convenience needs.

As a company, Mondi is committed to conducting ISO-compliant life cycle assessments to measure the environmental impacts of their products. They employ a range of indicators to evaluate these impacts, ranging from raw material acquisition to end-of-life treatment. This comprehensive approach aids them in their mission to create more sustainable packaging solutions.

When compared to traditional plastic packaging, Hug&Hold has shown to have significantly lower environmental impacts. In terms of climate change, fossil resource use, water use, and eutrophication of freshwater, this sustainable option is far superior. In fact, the carbon footprint of Hug&Hold is 43% lower than standard LDPE virgin plastic shrink wrap and 15% lower than LDPE shrink wrap with 100% recycled content.

This remarkable environmental performance is not at the expense of packaging quality. Hug&Hold outperforms conventional LDPE shrink wrap in multiple environmental categories. This allows partners to achieve their environmental goals without having to compromise on the quality or effectiveness of their packaging.

The Hug&Hold design uniquely combines a kraft paper sleeve and a corrugated carrying handle. This paper-based alternative to plastic shrink wrap is not only robust and convenient but also fully recyclable. This offers companies a tangible way to uphold their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Mondi’s Hug&Hold offers a seamless fusion of sustainability and functionality, proving that companies do not need to choose between the two. This innovative solution is sure to reshape the future of the packaging industry.


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