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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is set to take a significant leap forward in the application of artificial intelligence in sports. The association has revealed plans to introduce an AI upgrade, labeled NB-AI, to its app. With this, users will be able to customize their live video feed and access additional game information in real-time.

The NB-AI feature is built using advanced generative AI technology. It has been trained using NBA data to closely mimic the AI technology found in ChatGPT Voice. The aim of this innovation is to enhance the viewing experience of NBA enthusiasts around the world. It will enable users to transform the live feed into animated or cinematic versions of the game, thereby revolutionizing the way fans consume live basketball games.

During a demonstration of this innovative technology, NBA draft pick Victor Wembanyama was able to translate a basketball movie into French and even transformed a game into a Spider-Man-style cartoon. This not only shows the potential of NB-AI but also hints at the exciting possibilities it brings to the table.

But the NBA’s exploration of AI usage does not stop at enhancing the viewing experience. The association is also considering the use of AI to generate real-time highlights, assist referees in making crucial decisions, and translate play-by-plays. This utilization of AI underscores the increasing role of technology in the sports industry.

The announcement of this new generative AI feature was made at the annual All-Star tech summit held by the NBA. The primary goal of introducing NB-AI is to improve and personalize the experience of watching live games. The feature can generate personalized highlights based on the fans’ favorite teams and players, display game stats, and even create personalized commentary.

The NBA has a history of integrating AI and digital technology into its operations. This has been demonstrated in tasks such as real-time highlights production, referee assistance, and broadcast translation. A notable example of this is “Coach Nat,” an AI-powered basketball coach in the metaverse. The introduction of NB-AI is just another step in the NBA’s drive to enhance the game experience through technology. With this new feature, the NBA continues to lead the way in integrating AI into sports, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of basketball.

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