Texas Energy issues

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While millions of Texans are still battling days without electricity, running water, and heat during freezing temperatures, the renewable energy sector is battling the claims that it is to blame for it. AP news reports that multiple commentators and politicians have accused renewable energy resources of being the main cause of power outages. These claims about reliance on renewable energy being mostly responsible for the blackout, created a media frenzy around hot button topics like the Green New Deal,  sustainability, and climate change. Through all this noise though, AP reports the facts, that the State of Texas relies mostly on natural gas and that natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy sources were responsible for nearly twice as many outages as wind turbines and solar panels.  Our RCS analysis on the article shows high use of security language and our Risk score analysis shows this article scoring high when compared to thousands of other articles. It seems as though the conversations surrounding climate change, and sustainability in the news are becoming direr and direr and they are not going away. To see more interesting insights on this article check out our full analysis here.