OpenAI is making its ChatGPT software available to companies, allowing them to include it in their applications. Businesses and developers will have access to the software’s ability to respond to questions and generate new text. Companies such as Instacart Inc., Shopify Inc., and Snap Inc. have already implemented the ChatGPT API in their products.

OpenAI recently negotiated an expansion of Microsoft Corp.’s investment in the company, providing the AI research lab with an additional reported $10 billion. Quizlet Inc. is presently building an AI tutoring experience, using ChatGPT’s question-and-answer design to emulate the Socratic method.

Moreover, OpenAI has launched a developer API for ChatGPT and Whisper speech transcription models. To offer more protections to users, they have also added a 30-day data retention policy and opt-out option if they do not wish to have their data used to improve the service.

Finally, the ChatGPT API will be using the same AI model (“get-3.5-turbo”) for all customers. It is priced at $0.002 per 1000 tokens. This is a great opportunity for companies to create engaging experiences for customers with AI-driven applications.