OpenAI and Robotics Startup Figure Join Forces - A New Era of AI-Powered Humanoid Robots on the Horizon

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OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab, is partnering with robotics startup Figure to integrate AI systems into humanoid robots. This significant venture has a robust backing of $675 million from key tech players including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, and OpenAI itself.

Despite Figure being less than two years old and without a commercial product on the market, it has an ambitious goal. The startup aims to ship billions of humanoid robots globally, much to the benefit of workplaces and homes. The partnership with OpenAI will involve the development of specialized AI models for Figure’s robots. It is expected to leverage existing technology such as GPT language models, DALL-E image generator, and the Sora video generator.

This collaboration is set to expedite Figure’s commercial timeline. The robots’ enhanced ability to process and reason from language is an advancement that may transform the role of robots in everyday life. Interestingly, Figure has already secured a contract with BMW to deploy its robots at a car manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Despite being a young startup, Figure has managed to attract a significant amount of venture capital funding. This includes contributions from Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel, and OpenAI. The financial details of the partnership between OpenAI and Figure, however, are yet to be disclosed.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has hinted at a renewed focus on robotics. He revealed that the company is investing in promising robotics hardware platforms after previously putting its own research on hold. This partnership with Figure certainly exemplifies this focus, indicating a new era of robotics powered by advanced AI.

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