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As sustainability measures and mandates become the norm around the globe, the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) has surged. The proof is that in the last year alone 3 million new electric cars were registered around the globe last year, a whopping 41% rise since 2019. This number is only expected to grow as governments push to meet international energy and climate goals. For the environmentally conscious, this news will be taken as incredibly positive. But is there a hitch?

According to CNBC’s article, a surge in electric vehicles means the need for a more expansive charging network, and the reduced noise emitted by EVs can cause potential issues for drivers with vision problems. Legislation has been introduced in the EU and the UK to tackle the noise issue, but it brings to light the challenges facing widespread EV adoption. 

Our article analysis picks up on the trepidation around EVs by registering the heavy presence of risk and security language throughout the piece. New vehicles can be targeted by new legislation that aims to have all new cars installed with an acoustic vehicle alerting system, but retrofitting older EVs is not possible. This presents a risk to both drivers and pedestrians. In addition the disparity to the positive score for the article’s headline vs. its content further demonstrates the positive news of increased EV sales dampened by issues of their use.

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Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash