Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, is set to introduce a new built-in chatbot called Copilot, powered by GPT technology. Copilot will be accessible from the Start menu and Microsoft Teams, and will be able to assist users with troubleshooting and answering questions.

What sets Copilot apart from other chatbots is its integration with Microsoft’s Power Platform, which allows for custom workflows and task automation. This means that users will be able to create their own personalized workflows and automate tasks using Copilot.

In addition to Copilot, Windows 11 will also feature OpenAI ChatGPT plugins to assist with natural language processing tasks. These plugins will be integrated with apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as Microsoft Teams.

The integration of ChatGPT plugins is part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve accessibility and usability. By incorporating natural language processing technology into its software, Microsoft is making it easier for users to interact with their devices and get things done more efficiently.

But the improvements to Windows 11 don’t stop there. The operating system will also feature an AI copilot to assist with tasks such as scheduling and email management. This AI copilot will provide personalized recommendations and learn from the user’s behavior over time, making Windows 11 a more intuitive and personalized experience.

Windows 11 is shaping up to be an exciting release for Microsoft. With the introduction of Copilot, ChatGPT plugins, and an AI copilot, users can expect a more seamless and user-friendly experience.