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Microsoft has announced that it will be adding Bing AI to Windows 11, as part of its continued embrace of ChatGPT, a large language model that enables computers to understand and respond to human language in a more natural way. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Microsoft aims to create more intelligent and intuitive software that is better suited to the needs of modern users.

The addition of Bing AI to Windows 11 is significant, as it will allow users to get more relevant search results and use natural language queries to find what they’re looking for. This is a major improvement over traditional search engines that require users to enter specific keywords or phrases. Microsoft’s embrace of ChatGPT extends beyond Bing AI, as the company has also been using the technology to improve other products, such as its Office suite of applications.

While Microsoft’s embrace of ChatGPT has drawn praise for its potential to create more intelligent and intuitive software, some critics have raised concerns about the potential risks associated with large language models. These models can be used to generate realistic-sounding text, which could be used for nefarious purposes such as spreading misinformation or impersonating real people. Despite these concerns, Microsoft seems to be moving forward with its embrace of ChatGPT, and users can expect to see even more exciting innovations in the years to come.