Media Monitoring

The media monitoring space has become synonymous with noisy and inconclusive PR analytics programs. With so many articles, tweets, and posts to analyze, deriving a meaningful signal out of media monitoring can be a daunting manual endeavor. The intelligent media monitoring capabilities in the Science4Data tool suite help you sift through the deluge of data to generate a clear, consistent picture of sentiment, bias, competitive trends and the impact of events on your brand.

Science4Data easily integrates and supplements whatever process you have in place today. The analysis is lightweight, yet scales easily to cover all the media monitoring needs across your brands.

Our powerful AI-driven analysis engine provides insights beyond the current state of the art in media analysis, eliminating a lot of the noise and surfacing new insights.

Blockchain Regulations

Blockchain Regulations Insight Pack

Topic: Blockchain

Keep an eye on trends and stories related to regulations. Don’t be caught unprepared by changes that will impact your organization and your customers.

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Media monitoring of supplier coverage

Supplier Monitoring Insight Pack

Topic: Finance

Monitor the companies and other entities critical to your business. Intelligent alerts deliver critical updates across a portfolio of topics.

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Each of the sample analyses above represents a different view into media activity. Some looking through a time series lens, some through a political or technical lens, and yet others from a risk identification lens. To take a look at more dashboard samples, click here. If you are tired of the traditional media monitoring approach, you should explore the new generation intelligent media analyzer being offered by Science4Data. You will never go back to the traditional approach again.

We can have your dashboard on any topic up in running in as little as two hours. Contact us to get started.