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Zendesk’s PR team must be patting themselves on the back right now. An article like the one in Forbes on their new messaging solution is the type of press that PR teams relish, and can use to justify their position within the marketing organization. 

Looking at our article analysis we can get an even better picture of what makes this article such a gain for Zendesk. Of the few entities that show up on our entity word cloud, Zendesk is the largest positively coloured entity. Other positive entities don’t even come close to matching it’s prominence, meaning that this article is very much centered on how good Zeendesk’s new product addition is. More is revealed by looking at the media sentiment. The headline shows a negative media sentiment (not surprising as the headline calls out weakness in most CRM applications) but the content of the article swings the other direction with a positive media sentiment. Given the subject of the article’s prominence in our entity word cloud, that positive swing can only be attributed to the author’s heavy promotion of Zendesk’s new solution. Another win for the PR team – the article is not written by someone with easy ties to the company. Meaning it’s not self promotion and therefore much more authentic.

For a PR team simply compiling a list of articles a brand has been mentioned in is simply not as effective as being able to calculate, in a non-biased manner, how positive an article’s bent actually is. 

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash