Look and Ask' Feature by Meta AI: An In-Depth Guide

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Revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us, Meta is rolling out an innovative feature known as “Look and ask with Meta AI”. This feature, however, is currently only accessible to English-speaking users residing in the United States and Canada.

Activating this feature is as easy as saying “Hey Meta, look and…”. Once activated, users can snap photos and ask questions about the objects or scenes captured in the photo. The possibilities are endless, allowing users to seek translations, identify plants or objects, or even request humorous captions.

How does this innovative feature work? Upon capturing a photo with your glasses, the image is sent to Meta’s cloud for AI processing. The responses are then delivered audibly through the glasses, making it a hands-free, highly interactive experience.

Users also have the freedom to review their requests, the photo, and the response generated by Meta’s AI in the application. This enables users to understand the process better and see how the AI system is interpreting their requests.

One of the biggest concerns with AI technology is often privacy. However, Meta assures that all photos processed by Meta’s AI are stored and utilized solely to improve the company’s products. The AI system is refined with the assistance of trained reviewers and is strictly aligned with Meta’s Privacy Policy.

So, how can you enable this feature? It’s quite simple. From the Meta View application, navigate to the bottom right, swipe down and tap Meta AI. Next, toggle next to Meta AI and Camera use. Users can then follow the on-screen instructions to activate necessary features.

This new feature is a testament to Meta’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology, making everyday tasks simpler and more interactive.

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