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The end of the year always reaps a flurry of listicles and posts about how to best prepare your organization for the upcoming year’s business landscape, while also promoting a certain product or technology. This year is no different, even if an article poses as something else.

The Forbes article written by the VP of Product Innovation and Marketing for Precision Xtract, Marty Samples, states with authority how to best parse through the continually growing technology options for Pharma marketers. It’s no surprise that according to our article analysis his name has a positive contextual sentiment. Despite this his name is not heavily weighted for mentions. This, however, is more than likely the desired outcome of this article. Self-promotion is always more effective when it’s a bit veiled. 

At its base the stated purpose of this article is to help Pharma companies increase their Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement. The secondary purpose of this article is to promote new and untested marketing technology and trends. Our article analysis is able to pick this up through the strong presence of risk and security language throughout the piece. Statements on taking risks and the urgency of testing new technology are peppered through the entire article. All of this talk of new technology is also heavily weighted for mentions and positively coloured in our entity word cloud: you can see AR and VR prominently placed in the word cloud. 

At first glance this would seem to be a promotion of the new technologies themselves, but as we mentioned at the start of this post the true promotion is of the article’s writer himself. Or more accurately the firm he works for. The first tech trend mentioned to increase HCP engagement is the use of advanced data for more transparency and targeting, and is said to feed into every trend on this list. 

Low and behold, Precision Xtract is a self described data-driven healthcare marketing company.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash