Geopolitical Risk Analysis with Science4Data and GetRisk.Info

June 26, 2019

Be prepared: The Importance of Geopolitical Risk Analysis

The world is shrinking. Risk is growing. Any organization

  • engaging in trade
  • depending on public opinion
  • subject to consumer sentiment
  • expanding markets

must be aware of the external forces and risks that may impact their operation.

PESTEL Analysis provides an effective framework for measuring the magnitude and risk of external factors relative to an organization as whole or specific areas of interest.

An effective PESTEL Analysis provides an organization with information they need to:

  • make critical decisions
  • mitigate threats to operations
  • take advantage of opportunities presented

Performing PESTEL Analysis: Challenges and Solutions

A thorough PESTEL analysis is a critical tool to the organization, but requires overcoming important obstacles:

  1. Most pertinent PESTEL information is outside of the organization and unstructured
  2. Finding, Filtering, Managing and Extracting Value from that External Data is Complex
  3. Proliferation of Risk and Instability
    • More volatile, higher stakes world
    • Communications Warfare
    • Changing landscape and erosion of globalization
    • Growing risk of malicious misinformation
    • Risks change with a Tweet
  4. Requires challenging, specialized analysis – two common approaches may fall short:
Approach One Approach Two
Internally Source Agency or Consultancy
Devote significant internal staffing, time and resources to researching external factors and compiling analysis. Efforts may include re purposing business analysis staff, syndicated information subscriptions, in depth review and summary across resources. Hire an external firm to perform this analysis. The work is similar to internally staffing the effort however the outside firm may have specialized skill sets or prepackaged reporting to reuse. Engagement may include one time efforts or ongoing maintenance.
Limitations may include:

  • Opportunity costs of key resources
  • Need to build/operate special tools and processes
  • Speed to market/answers
  • Competing priorities
Limitations may include:

  • Hard costs
  • Time bound engagement
  • Speed to market/answers
  • Ongoing monitoring

A Third Approach
By harnessing emerging technologies and coupling with outstanding subject expertise, Science4Data is addressing these limitations and transforming Geopolitical Risk Assessment with the GetRisk.Info platform.

GetRisk.Info: Platform Overview

GetRisk.Info combines geopolitical risk fluency with the latest in Big Data, AI and Cloud technology to provide real-time insights and analysis across news & media sources.

News & Media Integration Leverage the power of Custom Search Engines, Domain Configuration and flexible Query Groups to lock on to the data assets most important to your organization
Human Augmented AI Artificial Intelligence dramatically accelerates your understanding and annotation of critical information. Select the Cognitive Processing model that fits your business needs and GetRisk.Info does the heavy lifting.
Machine Learning Based Natural Language Processing Trained Algorithms isolate critical Entities, PESTEL scope, Risk and Sentiment in seconds.
Big Data Crunching Collate and analyze findings across thousands of articles. Easily compare perspectives and trends to isolate True Signal from the background noise inherit to this vast data.
Dashboard Based Insight Exploration and Presentation Explore the findings with illustrative data visualizations. Intuitively identify the trends and events that let you decisively predict organization impact. Provide your own commentary and present finished reports suitable for all your stakeholders.

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About Science4Data

Science4Data pairs human-driven risk analysis with machine-driven news and market monitoring. Our team continues to lead a changing industry of geopolitical risk tracking by crafting the tools necessary for ingesting, parsing, categorizing and identifying the events, entities, and projected effects of what’s happening this month, this week, and right now.

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