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If a Veteran you know has passed way and the family is interested in brain donation, please instruct them to call the 24-hour VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank emergency brain donation pager at 617.992.0165.

One of the commitments he made is pledging to donate his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation and joining the organization's Veteran Advisory Board as a way of giving back and ensuring future generations have research to help them.

Posted: August 30, 2021

By Nicholas Paik

Retired U.S. Army Captain William Reynolds III has many titles: Veteran, 2016 Invictus Games Captain, father and husband.

A team of combat medics who were tending to other casualties nearby happened on Reynolds and were able to give him proper care before medically evacuating him to a nearby treatment facility.

"This is just another way to honor that longitudinal research that can be done on any effects that we've suffered throughout our service so that we can not only improve VA care, but improve all care, for any Veteran."

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