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Green NCAP, the renowned vehicle assessment organization, has recently announced the recipients of its newly introduced Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) award. The esteemed award has been bestowed upon the Dacia Spring, the ORA Funky Cat, Renault’s electric Megane E-Tech, and the Tesla Model 3. These models have been recognized for their outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability.

The LCA award was established with the aim of promoting environmentally friendly choices among consumers. Unlike most awards, the LCA does not focus solely on a car’s powertrain. Instead, it takes into account a vehicle’s entire life cycle, thus providing a more comprehensive view of its environmental impact.

The criteria for the award involve an in-depth evaluation of a vehicle’s complete environmental footprint. The assessment includes a wide range of factors, from production and energy supply to end-of-life considerations. This approach ensures that only the vehicles with the least environmental impact are recognized for their excellence.

The LCA award is not easily attainable. Only five-star vehicles that meet stringent greenhouse gas emission standards are considered for this prestigious accolade. The vehicles must have total life cycle greenhouse gas emissions equal to or less than 120 g CO2‑eq./km. This stringent requirement underscores the award’s commitment to recognizing truly green vehicles.

Since 2022, Green NCAP has been conducting LCA assessments for each car it tests. This practice highlights the importance of a car’s life cycle in vehicle development and the organization’s commitment to promoting sustainable choices.

To further enhance the visibility of the LCA award, Green NCAP has introduced a visual stamp for awarded vehicles. This stamp, displayed prominently on the vehicle, underscores their environmental value and serves as a clear marker for consumers seeking green options.

Green NCAP strongly encourages manufacturers to recognize the life cycle as a crucial part of vehicle development. By doing so, manufacturers can contribute to the creation of more sustainable vehicles and help steer the automotive industry towards a greener future. The LCA award serves as a testament to the success of those manufacturers who take this responsibility seriously and strive for excellence in environmental sustainability.