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Google has made its entry into the chatbot market with the launch of a new AI-powered chatbot called Bard. Unlike its competitors, however, Google is taking a cautious approach in rolling out the chatbot technology.

The Bard chatbot is seen as a significant step for Google to protect its search engine business and stay competitive with other tech giants in the field of AI. Google is facing the challenge of adapting to new AI technology without sacrificing its advertising-based business model.

Experts are closely monitoring Google’s progress in developing AI technology to keep pace with its fast-moving competitors. The Bard chatbot is being gradually rolled out to a limited number of users in the US and UK before expanding to other countries and languages.

Google’s launch of Bard represents an important move in protecting its most profitable business – its search engine. The shift to chatbots could also disrupt Google’s advertising-based business model, potentially leading to new market shifts in the tech industry.

Overall, the launch of Bard has put Google in the race for AI chatbots and has set the stage for a potentially exciting and transformative era in the tech industry. It remains to be seen how Google’s cautious approach will play out in the competitive market, but the tech giant is on course to make a significant contribution to the future of AI.