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French TV channels, France 2 and France 3, have taken a significant step towards raising awareness about climate change by introducing special weather and climate bulletins. The aim of these bulletins is to help viewers understand the consequences of climate change on weather patterns, including temperature anomalies and winter droughts.

In a bid to make the bulletins more interactive, presenters will include data and will respond to questions from viewers and internet users using the hashtag #OnVousRépond. The updates will first be included in evening forecast segments, adding around 90 seconds to France 2’s programme and two minutes to France 3’s. This initiative is a part of France Télévisions’ strategic priority of taking climate issues into account.

France Télévisions, the media group that owns the channels, is also making efforts to reduce climate change by encouraging its staff to use trains instead of planes. The company is providing training on energy-saving to its employees. This move is intended to demonstrate that France Télévisions is committed to tackling climate change and making changes to its organization accordingly.

The media industry as a whole is taking climate change more seriously, and many organizations are launching initiatives to deal with the issue effectively. France Télévisions is just one of many media outlets that are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and raise awareness about climate change through their reporting.

The launch of weather and climate bulletins on France 2 and France 3 is a positive step towards educating people about climate change and its effects on the environment. It is a reflection of the growing recognition of the importance of taking action against climate change, and it is encouraging to see media organizations taking a proactive role in this regard.