Fascinating World of AI Influencers - An Insight into Aitana, the First Spanish AI Model

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In the world of technology and artificial intelligence, new avenues of innovation are constantly emerging. The latest in this line of evolution is Aitana, the first Spanish AI model. A creation of Rubén Cruz and his agency, The Clueless, Aitana was brought to life to circumvent the issues commonly associated with real-life influencers and models.

This 25-year-old virtual sensation is no less than a real influencer when it comes to earnings. She can rake in up to €10,000 a month, primarily from advertising contracts. Her average income sits comfortably at around €3,000. Aitana has amassed an impressive following of over 121,000 on Instagram, and interestingly, several celebrities who approached her were oblivious to her artificial nature.

The team at The Clueless meets on a weekly basis to plan Aitana’s activities and the content to be uploaded. The AI model’s persona was meticulously crafted to be a fitness enthusiast with a complex character. This, however, is not accomplished through traditional means. Instead of organizing traditional photoshoots, the agency team employs artificial intelligence and Photoshop to design Aitana’s lifestyle and activities.

Aitana’s success has led to a growing trend in the use of AI-generated models and influencers by marketing agencies. This new approach has not only sparked interest but also ignited ethical concerns, especially in terms of body image and unrealistic beauty standards. The success of Aitana has even prompted the creation of a second virtual model named Maia, and many brands have expressed interest in having personalized virtual models to represent their values.

Despite the financial stability and success that AI models like Aitana bring, there are pressing issues to be addressed. The most significant among these is the potential influence of such unrealistic AI models on the impressionable minds of younger generations. It calls for a much-needed shift in the aesthetic vision of brands. The world of AI models is fascinating and full of potential, but it must be navigated responsibly to ensure it does not negatively impact societal norms and expectations.


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