Exploring Microsoft's Copilot Integration into Telegram - A Leap Forward in AI Messaging

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Microsoft’s Copilot bot has recently been integrated into the widely-used messaging app, Telegram. It functions as an AI chatbot that users can interact with, ask questions, and even conduct search queries. Currently in the beta phase, the Copilot for Telegram service is available for free to all Telegram users, whether they are using the mobile or desktop version of the app.

To access this service, users need to share their Telegram phone number with Microsoft. This requirement may raise some privacy concerns among users who are wary of sharing their personal information. However, it is a necessary step to utilize the AI chatbot service.

Despite some limitations, such as being restricted to text requests and lacking image generation capabilities, the Copilot for Telegram offers a host of useful features. It can suggest movies, generate workout routines, assist with coding tasks, translate conversations, and find quick facts online.

Microsoft is not stopping at the Telegram integration. It’s expanding its Copilot offerings to include versions available for business applications and PCs. The tech giant is also including it as part of the Microsoft 365 subscription. Additionally, a $20 per month paid version is in the pipeline, which will grant users access to the latest AI models.

The integration of AI technology into messaging apps is a trend that is catching on fast among AI companies. Tech giants like Meta and Google have followed suit, integrating AI into their chat apps. These include Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Google Messages on Android phones.

To begin using Microsoft’s Copilot on Telegram, users can search for the Copilot Bot. However, usage is currently restricted to 30 back-and-forth messages. Microsoft also plans to extend the use of Copilot to businesses, cementing its place in the Microsoft 365 subscription for use on PCs.

As AI continues to evolve, it’s clear that integrations like these are just the beginning of its potential applications in our everyday digital interactions. The future of AI in messaging apps is promising, and Microsoft’s Copilot is leading the way.

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