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Media Sentiment
Proprietary sentiment analysis on both the headline and body text of the article. Sentiment scores range from -1 (very negative sentiment) to 1 (very positive sentiment).
RCS Analysis
Relative scoring for Risk, Crisis, and Security language within the article.
Risk Score
Scoring based on the composite risk, security and crisis language within an article compared to a baseline of historic analysis across thousands of diverse articles.
Analysis of article orientation across the PESTEL macro-environmental analysis framework. Learn more about PESTEL.
Entity Word Cloud
Key people, places, organizations and events referenced in the article, weighted by frequency and colored based on contextual sentiment.
Auto Summary
Condensing key features of the article based on salience analysis. Helpful for “gisting” the article in a time crunch.

If you want someone who can create engaging high-quality content and promote it efficiently, then look into hiring two separate individuals: one for photography and videography (usually an external contractor) and another person specifically for marketing/distribution (internal).

Social videos are designed to showcase your company culture through employee interviews, walk-throughs of offices or manufacturing facilities, as well as behind-the-scenes footage from recent events like product launches.

You can even embed a video on your website using the YouTube plugin so that people who visit your site can easily view videos from any device they're browsing with (desktop, laptop, mobile phone).

However paying for distribution includes buying advertising spots on new networks like Snapchat and Tiktok, where there isn't yet competition from brands looking to share their own videos in those spaces, especially if they know how valuable this space will become over time.

The growing popularity of video marketing presents a unique opportunity for your brand to reach out to its target audience, create awareness and use videos as a way to generate leads.

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