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An easy prediction to start off this year is that you will no doubt be reading how “technology is fast evolving and consumer behaviors are hard to predict” in almost every martech focused article. Another easy prediction is that martech focused articles will be promoting the use of martech solutions to marketing problems.

Our article analysis for Forbes’ recent article on marketing tech trends for 2021 easily points this out. An overall positive media sentiment is a clear indicator of this. But more revealing than a general promotion of data-driven marketing tools, is the push for CMOs to adopt newer, less tested technologies. In this article they are referred to as extended reality (XR).

XR (which includes AR, VR and MR) is featured prominently in our entity word cloud, front and center and green to connote it’s positive use in the article. However, these emerging technologies that offer much promise are often preceded by terms like “vast potential” and “many possibilities.” Terms like these which are on the surface positive, are ultimately uncertain. It is unsurprising then that our analysis finds a strong presence of risk and security language throughout the article in spite of a low risk score. A low risk score most likely driven by the promise of these technologies, in addition to the positive trend for marketing technologies as a whole.

Innovation always has its risks, but it’s good to know who is pushing you to take those risks. The cofounder of Imaginovation writes this piece for Forbes, a company that offers digital marketing solutions including emerging technologies like XR.

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Photo by stephan sorkin on Unsplash