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EasyJet, the UK-based budget airline, has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) awarding it an A- score. The CDP is a non-profit organization that supports companies in disclosing their environmental impact in a bid to reduce carbon emissions globally.

The A- rating acknowledges easyJet’s dedication to carbon efficiency and climate change risk management. It also reflects the airline’s ambitious target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, affirming its position as a leader in environmental sustainability in the aviation industry.

In pursuit of its sustainability goals, easyJet has made substantial advancements in its fleet. One of the key developments has been the implementation of Descent Profile Optimization software. This innovative technology is designed to reduce fuel usage, thereby lowering the airline’s carbon footprint.

The commendable efforts by easyJet in sustainability were further recognized in 2023 when Business Green named it the Net Zero Strategy of the Year. The airline was praised for its comprehensive roadmap towards achieving net zero emissions, setting an example for other businesses in the sector.

As part of its commitment to innovative solutions for sustainability, easyJet is a founding member of the Hydrogen in Aviation Alliance. This think tank brings together leading aerospace companies with the goal of creating zero-emissions hydrogen-powered aircraft, marking another step towards a greener future.

The global disclosure system CDP recognized easyJet not just for its ambitious goals, but also for its transparent reporting and consistent efforts to minimize operational impact. It’s a comprehensive approach that takes into account not just the big picture, but also the details of day-to-day operations.

EasyJet has shown that even small changes can have a big impact. The airline has significantly reduced emissions across its business by implementing changes like transitioning to 100% reusable cutlery and cups. It has also embraced new aircraft technology, a move that is projected to save over 88,000 tons of CO2 annually.

EasyJet’s commitment to sustainability and its innovative approach to reducing its carbon footprint set it apart in the aviation industry. The recognition from CDP and Business Green is a testament to the effectiveness of its strategy and its ongoing effort to be a leader in the industry’s transition to a more sustainable future.


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