DS Automobiles Integrates ChatGPT AI Chatbot for Instant Answers in Vehicles

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DS Automobiles has made a groundbreaking move in the automotive industry by becoming the first auto company to integrate the ChatGPT AI chatbot into its vehicles. This integration allows users to enjoy accurate and instant answers while driving, similar to the experience provided by popular voice assistants like Alexa or Siri.

Initially, the integration is available to the first 20,000 registered users of DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, and DS 9 cars with an active DS IRIS system. To activate the system, users simply need to say “OK IRIS” and press the special button on the steering wheel.

What’s more exciting is that for the first six months, this integration will be available at no extra cost for the initial 20,000 registered users. Activation can be done through the DS Services Store in select European regions. This move aims to make the integration accessible to a wide range of DS car owners.

The decision to integrate ChatGPT into DS Automobiles’ vehicles is driven by the increasing popularity of AI and language models. DS Automobiles recognizes the growing demand for seamless and natural conversation experiences, and aims to provide its customers with cutting-edge technology.

Thanks to the integration, DS car models equipped with the DS IRIS SYSTEM package offer voice control and the ability to engage in natural conversation with the ChatGPT chatbot. This integration brings a new level of convenience and accessibility to DS car owners, enhancing their overall driving experience.

For users in select countries, activating the integration is free during the first six months through the DS Services Store. This limited-time offer provides an opportunity for early adopters to experience the benefits of the ChatGPT integration without any additional cost.

DS Automobiles’ integration of ChatGPT AI chatbot into its vehicles marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. By providing instant and accurate answers to users’ queries, DS Automobiles enhances the driving experience and sets a new standard for in-car technology. With the increasing demand for AI-driven features, it will be interesting to see how other auto companies respond to this groundbreaking integration.