Coronavirus Dashboard

Coronovirus has gone global, yet little is know for sure about its severity.

At Science4Data, we have compiled worldwide news and highlighted the disparities in sentiment, risk, security, and crisis scores, and as well as more.

Through this analysis, we have shaped both a broad, as well as very focused, perspective on the outbreak, providing the information you need to more accurately assess this precarious situation. If you would like to examine our insights as well, click this link to the dashboard!


Tesla Advanced Metrics

In today’s day and age, competitive advantages in market analysis stem from how you gather and interpret information. That’s why at Science4Data, we have paired our next generation search engine with our proprietary natural language processing algorithms in order to revolutionize the process of compiling data and extracting sophisticated metrics. Just take a look at our Tesla Advanced Metric Dashboard: not only have we been able to gather structured and unstructured data from across domains and sources, but we have shown strong, forward-looking correlations between Tesla’s stock price and ESG, RCS, and Sentiment metrics. To see for yourself, click the link here: Tesla Advanced Metric Dashboard.


Morgan Stanley Bank of America Advanced Metrics

Leveraging our Ai-Advanced Metrics, we’ve analyzed the outlooks of two notable banks, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Looking at the results, it’s clear that at least in the immediate future, the signals/expectations for each bank are drastically different. To see for yourself, click the link here: Morgan Stanley & Bank of America


Amazon Google Microsoft Advanced Analytics

Leading into Q2 earnings, we decided to analyze two of the largest tech companies, Amazon and Google, to see if we could use our Ai-Advanced Metrics to predict how each company would perform in the near future. Based on our analysis, we saw bullish indications for Amazon, and neutral to bearish signals for Google. Now a day after earnings were reported, Amazon is up ~4%, and Alphabet/Google is ~5%, so it is fair to say that we weren’t too far off. To see the dashboard for yourself, take a look here: Amazon & Google


COVID Advanced Insights

As a data-first company, we aim to provide the most diverse and informative analytics possible. This dashboard epitomizes that goal, integrating public COVID-19 data alongside our own Ai-derived data points, such as sentiment, risk, and mask wearing rates by city. We hope this dashboard can contribute to improved public understanding of the current pandemic. To investigate our insights, click the link here: COVID Data Insights


Zero Day Cybersecurity

With how integral technology is to our lives, it essential to stay informed of the Zero-Day threats that leave us all vulnerable to cybercriminals.  However, sifting through the waterfall of cybersecurity news is just not practical, which is why we designed our Zero-Day dashboard with simplicity and approachability in mind.  We even added a seamless “post to LinkedIn” button to make sure updating your network has never been easier.  Want to see for yourself? Check out our Zero-Day dashboard here!



If you’re a business looking to amplify your ad returns, AI-Adwords may be just what you need. Leveraging our powerful software and proprietary NLP algorithms, we can take in your current Adword Keywords, analyze them, and churn out terms with lower CPC, higher CTR, and greater nuance in no time. To learn more about the process for yourself, check out our AI-Adwords Dashboard.