Science4Data’s Signal Series: Scope of Political Campaigns

June 11, 2019


The race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination is crowded and at the forefront of many conversations. Can a front runner emerge with cohesive political and popular support? We use Science4Data’s GetRisk.Info platform to quickly identify important insights.


Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, GetRisk.Info applies and calculates the PESTEL scope across broad media coverage of the race.

PESTEL Scope for 2020 Democratic Presidential Campaign
PESTEL is a tool used by analysts across industries and provides an excellent framework for understanding the relative magnitude of external forces in the context of a specific event, entity or organization.

Of course we would expect Politics to dominate any dialog related to presidential candidacy. Are Trade, Technology and the Environment underrepresented? Is this scope consistent for all candidates? We easily shift the scope of the assessment from the broad cycle to news coverage on the individual presidential hopefuls (we stuck to CNN’s power ranking top ten).

The Candidates

Joe Biden

Media coverage for the former Vice President “fits” with broader coverage with a lower emphasis on Legal

Bernie Sanders

Articles on the Vermont Senator include more emphasis on Society and the Economy

Kamala Harris

The Senator from California enjoys the most well-rounded coverage of any of the candidates

Pete Buttigieg

PESTEL scope of the South Bend Mayor’s media closely fits the wider pattern

Elizabeth Warren

The Massachusetts Senator is one of two candidates without Politics as the #1 PESTEL topic

Beto O’Rourke

The former Representative joins Harris in over indexing on Environmental topics

Amy Klobuchar

More well-rounded than most, Society dominates the PESTEL of the Minnesota Senator’s media coverage

Cory Booker

News for the New Jersey Senator’s candidacy is decidedly Politic in scope

Kirsten Gillibrand

The New York Senator’s media coverage contains a definitive Social element

Julián Castro

The PESTEL for the former Cabinet member matches closely with broader campaign scope


While the experts at Science4Data want to know what happened to Technology; missing Trade scope across all candidates is the most glaring hole in the media coverage across the entire campaign. Environmental topics are strongly associated with two specific candidates.

Analysis Coverage: Over 500 of the most recent news articles from highly respected news outlets across the political spectrum

Total Analyst Time: 3 hours

Accurately assess and analyze volumes of media in a morning. Improve your insights with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. The GetRisk.Info platform makes it easy. Contact us to learn more.

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