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The shift to digital that is currently underway in the marketing sector is strong, and is best demonstrated PepsiCo’s recent use of an in-house measurement technology that has saved the firm millions. 

In a year that was defined by business disruptions due to Covid-19, PepsiCo’s ROI Engine, a machine learning powered system that better allows marketers to measure campaign effectiveness, is guiding the business in the current pandemic and, furthermore, in the post-pandemic world. 

Our article analysis shows that despite the negative media sentiment associated with the article’s headline, the radical shift in marketers strategy is leading to a positive business outcome. Moving away from television to streaming, and expanding online sales channels, is matching customer behaviour that has become more and more digital centric throughout 2020. A move made possible due to a bump seen on the ROI platform.

Success is being strongly attributed to the ROI Engine, a fact reflected in our entity word cloud where ROI Engine is front and center. It is weighted heavily for the amount of times it is mentioned and for the positive context of those mentions. It should not come as a surprise then that this is a goal PepsiCo is looking to achieve: propping their new technology as a winning tool for the business to move through a fast changing media landscape. However, internally the tool is not only being pushed as an effective marketing model but as a solution to all commercial decisions. Further proving that data driven capabilities are going to define future business decisions. 

Despite a strong use of risk language, the success of this in house technology looks to be a panacea for the changes and disruptions from the current economy reflected in our PESTEL Scope. We’ve written about the increasing importance of data driven tools in the marketing technology stack, and PepsiCo’s success story further bolsters this point.

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