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The Benefits of Video in Marketing are Clear, How to Make that Content is Less Obvious

See our full analysis here: Entrepreneur  Download our one page MediaSignal overview, learn how we do it! Content marketing was [...]

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Tesla’s Cryptocurrency Blunder Demonstrates the Growing Importance of ESG

See our full analysis here: Forbes Download our one page MediaSignal overview, learn how we do it! Cryptocurrency is making [...]

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Climate & Capital and Science4Data launch Climate Media Signal, the first AI- driven market media intelligence platform

Former BlackRock executives have teamed up to use AI and human investment analysis to support financial decision-making. New York – May 18, 2021 – Climate & [...]

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Will $174 Billion Finally Convince Americans to Purchase Electric Cars?

President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is in part aimed at tackling climate change, with $174 billion set aside to encourage Americans to switch to vehicles that run on electricity (also known as EVs).

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Quantifying Company Communications

Companies invest money and people to achieve their communications and marketing goals. Understandably, CEOs and executive teams want to know their return on investment (ROI) and use key performance indicators (KPI) to track progress.

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Painting a Positive Media Landscape using Media Intelligence

Last week we put out a post highlighting Zendesk’s PR team for the positive coverage of Zendesk’s new messaging solution. Good coverage vs. negative coverage can be easy to spot, but weighing just how positive an article is, is not as easy of a feat.

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