Mask Adherence with AI

AI and Mask Usage Mask detection on stock photo one Mask detection on stock photo two Do you have masks on your mind? Like it or not, mask usage is now part of our global conversation. Science4Data provides AI models for quantifying mask and non-mask wearers in any media

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Debate Klobuchar

Q6  KLOBUCHAR: We can do two things at once. That's our job. We have a constitutional duty to pursue this impeachment, but we also can stand up for America, because this president has not been putting America in front of his own personal interests. He has not been standing up for the workers of Ohio. He’s

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Facebook Regulation Coverage

Facebook Regulation Coverage July 31, 2019 Live Coverage Check out Science4Data's new media dashboard. We are tracking news related to government investigation and potential regulation surrounding Facebook. Our dashboard provides a small example of the GetRisk Info analysis on this topic with live, interactive insights. Live Dashboard

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Intro to Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Geopolitical Risk Analysis with Science4Data and GetRisk.Info June 26, 2019 Be prepared: The Importance of Geopolitical Risk Analysis The world is shrinking. Risk is growing. Any organization engaging in trade depending on public opinion subject to consumer sentiment expanding markets must be aware of the external forces and

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VW Invester Woes

S4D Global Risk Analysis Source Bloomberg Opinion The Washington Post with Bloomberg  SEC sues Volkswagen, alleging it misled investors in emissions scandal Analysis What's it Mean As shown by the PESTEL Analysis, this article is clearly focused on VW's economic woes.  While prior article analysis has shown more

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Reminder: Correlation does not imply causation

It happens all too often: you’re scrolling through your feed and you see a well crafted data visualization with a compelling juxtaposition of two trendlines of data. They sit elegantly on top of one another following one another’s rises and dips. Surely, the untrained assume, these two data points show a clear causal relationship. One is

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Consolidated News

2019-01-07 00:00:00 ... WASHINGTON – As the partial government shutdown approaches a record length, President Donald Trump will visit the nation's southern ... WASHINGTON – As the partial government shutdown approaches a record length, President Donald Trump will visit the nation's southern border on Thursday to promote his wall plan, officials said Monday. Trump will "meet with those on the

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