Climate & Capital and Science4Data launch Climate Media Signal, the first AI- driven market media intelligence platform

Former BlackRock executives have teamed up to use AI and human investment analysis to support financial decision-making. New York – May 18, 2021 – Climate & [...]

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Alaska Airlines Looks to Highlight Diversity, Ends Up Shining the Spotlight on Itself

See our full analysis here: Forbes Download our one page MediaSignal overview, learn how we do it! Diversity and inclusion [...]

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Will $174 Billion Finally Convince Americans to Purchase Electric Cars?

President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is in part aimed at tackling climate change, with $174 billion set aside to encourage Americans to switch to vehicles that run on electricity (also known as EVs).

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Bad News Overwhelms US Media Coverage of the Coronavirus, But is it Accurate?

The globe was paralyzed starting in 2020 by the Coronavirus. Without a doubt the virus has had incomparable negative effects, not just in terms or lives lost, but on peoples’ livelihood and lifestyles.

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