Ant Group & Standard Chartered Bank Join Forces for Green Finance & Digital Innovation

China's Ant Group, a leading fintech company, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, one of the largest and most respected international banks. This [...]

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Record-Breaking Green Bond Issuance in 2023 – A Testament to Growing Sustainable Finance Trends

In the arena of sustainable finance, the first half of 2023 marked a significant milestone. The global green bond issuance reached a record high of $351bn. This [...]

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PMI Electro Mobility Secures Major Financial Backing from REC Limited – A Milestone in India’s Electric Vehicle Industry

PMI Electro Mobility, a leading name in the electric vehicle industry, has announced the signing of a significant agreement with REC Limited. The eventful signing took place [...]

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Masdar’s Groundbreaking Green Bond Issuance – A Leap Towards Sustainable Energy Goals

Masdar, the UAE's premier clean energy entity, has successfully launched its debut green bond issuance, raising net proceeds of US$750 million. This substantial financial injection is earmarked [...]

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Amazon’s Carbon Emissions Dropped in 2022 Despite Delivery Increase – Progress, Criticisms, and the Road Ahead

Despite a marked increase in package deliveries, Amazon reported a decrease in carbon emissions for the first time since the company started tracking its carbon footprint. Total [...]

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BaFin’s Groundbreaking Sustainable Finance Strategy – A Major Step in Combating Greenwashing

Germany's banking regulator, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), has recently unveiled a groundbreaking sustainable finance strategy. The plan's primary purpose is to combat greenwashing, a significant [...]

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Volvo Cars Achieves Remarkable 84% Reduction in Ocean Freight CO2 Emissions

Volvo Cars, a leading automotive company, has made significant strides in reducing its ocean freight CO2 emissions. In fact, the company has managed to decrease its emissions [...]

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MAS Leading the Way – Empowering Financial Institutions to Prioritize Decarbonization and Sustainable Finance

MAS, or the Monetary Authority of Singapore, is taking significant steps to encourage financial institutions to prioritize decarbonization efforts. In order to achieve this, MAS plans to [...]

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Massachusetts Launches Nation’s First Green Bank for Affordable Housing

The Massachusetts Community Climate Bank has received $50 million from the Department of Environmental Protection, making it the nation's first green bank for affordable housing. The funds, [...]

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Climate Impact X Launches CIX Exchange for Voluntary Carbon Credit Trading

Climate Impact X, a technology company focused on reducing carbon emissions, has launched a new trading platform for voluntary carbon credits. The platform, called CIX Exchange, aims [...]

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